Memorial Day Weekend Recap



Getting back to a normal routine after a long weekend is such a struggle and I am currently on that struggle bus! I use 3-day weekends as an excuse to excessively go out with friends, skip the gym, and forget that calories {and my bank account} exist. I hope I’m not the only one!

I do want to say that Memorial Day is so much more than just having a long weekend; it is about remembering and honoring all of the individuals who have given their lives while serving our county. I don’t want to ever minimize the sentiment of the weekend, but I also really enjoy the extra day off of work 🙂

This past weekend was so much fun despite the stormy weather! I spent time with new med school friends and went on a long hike with my puppy. Friday night was crazy because my friends and I went out downtown and met random other med students that are going to be in our class at every bar that we went to #smallworld. It was so great getting to meet people that we are going to be sharing the next four years with. Can you tell how ready I am to start school?

We spent Saturday lazing around my friend’s apartment and then we decided to go bowling because what else would you do when it’s pouring outside? Let me tell you, we are TERRIBLE at bowling. I’m pretty sure our group average was a 46. This girl desperately needs bumpers.

Sunday was spent cuddling my puppy and when the rain finally broke, we went hiking. She was so excited to be outside after being inside most of the weekend due to the awful weather. Taking Sadie Lee on hikes is so much fun because during our walks, she will turn around and smile her big puppy smile. She loves romping around in the woods and it keeps me active, so I have absolutely no complaints.

Sadie LeeWrapping up the weekend on Monday was tough. I had gotten so used to having fun every second of the day during the weekend, but Monday was the day that I designated to adult responsibilities and the time had finally come. I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning my room, and planning out my work for the week. I also had my horseback riding lesson, which broke up the day and added some fun to all of my chores.

PennyOverall, I had an incredible three-day weekend. How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?



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