Ten Medical School Application Tips
1. No high school stuff unless it’s super meaningful (you lived abroad, you were a musical prodigy, etc.)
2. You don’t have to fill every box
3. Write meaningful descriptions (no bullet points) // good rule is to describe what you did and what you learned/took from the experience
4. Get your application in early! The longer you wait, the tougher it is because there are less open spots
5. Proofread your application
6. Use the personal statement to discuss why you want to be a physician. Don’t make us work to try to find your passion.
7. Lump honors societies together if you need more space
8. Make sure you can talk knowledgeably and truthfully about everything in your application
9. Make sure to get strong letters of recommendation
10. Have a friend look over your application and be your support system through the application process

Good luck!!


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