Y’all. Pre-med stress is so real. All too often we freak out over something pre-med related {whether that’s a test, a class, or a club commitment} that sends us into a downward spiral of doubt and stress. If I had a nickel for every time that I cried and called my mom to tell her that I’m clearly not smart enough to go to medical school and I’m going to fail my classes and then I’m just flat out going to fail life {I’m not dramatic at all…}, I wouldn’t have to take out any loans for medical school. Having now been accepted to two medical schools and still interviewing at others, I can tell you that there is little to no validity in our little freak out moments. When you have those “am-I-good-enough?” moments, you have to push through and remind yourself that you are. You are good enough. You are smart enough. You are talented enough.

Below are a few ways to combat those pre-med doubts:

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I know one of the hardest things to do as a pre-med is to find a healthy balance between school/work and your social life. When I first started college, I was going out almost every night because there was always a different party social event to go to that, according to my friends, I “just couldn’t miss.” Once I realized that my grades were slipping, I swung the pendulum so far the other way and made school my whole world. I finally learned how to balance the two worlds my last year of college {better late than never I guess}.

After much trial and error, I have settled on three key rules that help me live a balance life.

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