About Me

12118791_1511254275864062_6984831305719775679_nHi y’all! My name is Ariana and I live in Charleston, South Carolina with my rescue dog, Sadie Lee.

IMG_1805I began college as a pre-med, but had really no idea what that meant. Nobody in my family had gone the medical route, so I was going off of my knowledge of Grey’s Anatomy and a little bit of common sense. I knew I would have to take tough classes, overcome the dreaded MCAT, and attempt to have somewhat of a social life, but that didn’t even skim the surface of what I did with my undergraduate career. After A LOT of trial and error, I applied to medical school and got accepted by multiple schools!

This blog serves to document my journey to becoming an MD while revisiting my pre-medical days in hopes of helping other students. Essentially, I hope you come to think of me as your medical student best friend 🙂


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Ariana, glad I came across your blog. Would love to follow along. 🙂
    I believe we both have a lot common to share (I am preparing to get into residency here in India we have a separate board exam we give).

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